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  Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and location is Jasper Florida, Green Point Research represents the combination of agricultural, business and political acumen to form a leading hemp company with one goal in mind – become the largest low-cost cultivator and processor of hemp biomass in the United States to consistently supply quality cannabidiol (CBD) to consumers and manufacturers worldwide. Formed in 2016 by David Hasenauer, Light Townsend, Jordan Pace and Michael Dukes, Green Point Research was vital in the legalization of hemp production in Florida, working diligently within the Florida legislature on passing Senate Bill 1726 (2016) and Senate Bill 1020 (2019). With the passing of the most recent hemp bill in Florida, we have aggressively expanded operations to vertically integrate ourselves, adding seed production and breeding operations in Colorado to our processing facility and farming operations in Florida. With an eye towards the future, we began licensure for hemp seed and biomass production and processing in Colombia in late 2018. Green Point’s operational expertise, vertical integration, and global positioning allows it to meet current and future market demands from institutional purchasers for bulk cannabinoid products, while also retaining enough flexibility to pivot and either create or expand into new segments of the evolving hemp industry.

Cultivating a Better Future: Florida Farming

Agriculture is the backbone of Florida, which as a state ranks at or near the top in most agricultural categories in the United States, impacts millions of lives daily and produces billions of dollars for the Sunshine State’s economy annually.  With the passage of Florida Senate Bill 1020 (2019), Florida’s farmers now have another crop to successfully grow – hemp. Green Point Research is beyond excited to bring the Green Point MethodTM has its application to commercial hemp production to the state of Florida. The Green Point MethodTM has been developed over years by trial and error.  Proprietary genetics, coupled with our high-density, perpetual harvest cropping system, allow us to yield super quality and quantity of hemp biomass for processing and extraction. Further, Green Point immediately dries and properly stores its harvested biomass to prevent plant degradation, mold and mildew.  Setting a new standard for responsible agriculture, Green Point promises that no agro-chemicals will ever touch our plant material, ensuring we always leave the Earth better than before we planted

Seeds, Seed Starts, & Clones

Every good harvest starts with a quality seed or seed start, regardless of what crop is being grown. Green Point understands the critical role that a genetics provider plays in a farm’s success. Our phytocannabinoid-rich hemp seeds and seed starts have less than 0.3% THC when grown correctly, test at a 90% or greater feminization rate and 90% or greater germination rate, as verified by both independent third party tests, as well as internal field tests because as Michael Dukes would say, “It’s not real until it’s in the field.” Green Point’s seeds, seed starts, and clones are genetically stable, prime for planting, and [most importantly] legally compliant when grown properly.
  • • Field Prep Service: GPR has all requisite tractors, equipment and experience to get your field ready for plants.
  • • Biomass Drying: GPR’s proprietary biomass drying technology throughput is upwards of 8,000 input pounds per hour.
  • • Storage GPR: can store your hemp at its climate controlled facility.
  • • Multi Service Prep for Smokable Flower: GPR can hang dry, trim, and cure your smokable flower. Hand and machine trim available. Contact for details.
  • • Processing (Extraction & Refining): GPR leverages best-in-class extraction and refining technology to produce the highest quality bulk cannabinoids.
  • • Advisory: Available upon request and pricing depends on advisory needs. With nationally recognized hemp cultivation experts on staff, customized consulting can help set you up for success with your next harvest. Limited availability with prioritization for bulk purchasers.

Investing with Green Point

Investment interest in the hemp/cannabis sector is significant in 2021.  Agriculture  impacts millions of lives daily and produces billions of dollars for the nation’s economy annually. With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, farmers now have another crop to successfully and sustainably grow – hemp. Green Point  has grown significantly since its initial founding in 2016.  Future plans for growth are ambitious and attainable with the continued trajectory of growth and investment in the company and its mission. If you are interested in learning more about our progress to date and investment opportunities, contact us at

6968 US Highway 129 South

jasper, Florida 32052 

954-500-HEMP (Office)


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Rhett Bullard, PA

100 South Ohio Ave
Live Oak, FL 32064 


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