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Finance and service have always been two important interests of mine. I studied economics at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD and subsequently served in the Marine Corps as a pilot. One of the greatest aspects of our military is the melting pot of diverse backgrounds and beliefs. Some of my fondest memories are the unique, personal stories of the Marines I served with.

As a financial advisor, one of the privileges I have is learning your story and understanding your “why”. Most people want to save for retirement, but understanding your “why” helps me better serve you and achieve your specific goals.

*Do you want the ability to travel to see your children and grandchildren?

*Would you like to visit other countries or tour the United States?

*Do you want to be able to leave your loved ones an inheritance, support your church or a charity important to you?

Whatever your “Why” is, my role is to understand what’s important to you, and to support your individual goals.

—Who do I work with?—

*You’ve recently changed employers and are in need of discussing options for your old plan (401(K), IRA, TSP, etc.).

*You’ve received a large sum of funds (inheritance, sale of a home or business), and are unsure how best to invest it for your needs.

*You’re nearing or are recently retired and need to consolidate your various accounts into one cohesive plan.

*You’d like to protect the assets you’ve worked hard to save, and ensure your loved ones are taken care of should anything happen to you.

*You are simply unsure where to start and would like to speak with someone who will take the time to listen and understand your goals.

We’re not alone in this journey. Working together with Edward Jones’ team of analysts and your other trusted professionals (CPA, estate attorney, etc.), we’ll create a personalized strategy to reach your goals!

Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


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